• The ChatTee Playlist

    We are so excited to be finally launching ChatTee – we hope you enjoy browsing our website.

    Not everything is 100% perfect but heh, that doesn’t matter! We are so happy to be able to finally share our designs with you. It’s taken longer than we had hoped and we are so grateful to Tessa for all her help with the glitches. Who knew Paypal could be so complicated !? Do let us know what you think – you can message us on Instagram and while you’re there, why not give us a follow! Here’s the link: @wearechattee

    To celebrate finally going live, we have made a ChatTee Spotify playlist of some our fave tunes for you to enjoy.

    We’ve been enjoying a singalong on journeys so turn up the volume and start your own Car Pool Karaoke! Just click the image below to listen.

  • ChatTee Update 23/07/18

    The journey so far…

    So it’s now the summer holidays and things are going well and we have had our first lot of samples to check.  We are learning loads and I think the most important thing we have learnt so far is patience.

    We had numerous delays getting the samples and it has been a big learning curve to factor in our expectations, manage the disappointment of delays and also build in more time to get things done.

    But what else have we learnt…

    1. When taking product shots of white T-shirts on a washing line, there’s nothing you can do about the wind and also thunder flies love white !
    2. Ironing – let’s just say our ironing skills need a bit more practise especially the boys! Also, make sure your iron is clean! We had a couple of mishaps with the steam and managed to squirt limescale all over 2 t-shirts! Top tip: iron over a tea towel!
    3. The boys and I rarely agree on which T-shirts to launch first and which ones to bring out later. There have been some quite heated discussions!
    4. Never point a camera at your father when he’s wearing a ChatTee as their inner Zoolander appears and it makes for some quite interesting photos that aren’t for public viewing!
    5. Pricing – this is a huge learning curve for us as we all love stretching our pocket money as far as possible for new clothes, which often means high street prices due to mass production. We are proud that are T-shirts are both organic and unique and that the production team are all paid above the national living wage, regardless of age and that all packaging used to ship our orders is either 100% recyclable or biodeg­ra­dable, or both. The printers used to print the T-shirts use only water-based inks. They’re Oeko-Tex approved (which means they don’t contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals harmful to the environment). We think you’ll agree that these are all important factors to consider when choosing where you shop and what you buy.

    We are hoping to go live very soon and will of course share news of our launch on Instagram!

    Until next time…

  • The formation of the idea

    The idea for ChaTtee came about after a very wet Easter holidays at home, when my brother, sister and I decided that we wanted to help some causes that affect our generation and work on a fundraising project together. Whilst we couldn’t decide on just one activity (none of us are marathon runners!) we could all agree on one idea – creating slogan t-shirts that would help spread the message on issues that are relevant to us and our friends.
    After coming up with the name ChatTee, we approached 3 charities that we wanted to help, which were relevant to us. In the 3 months that we have been setting ChatTee up, we have met with many interesting people who have helped us to get our project off the ground. We had a fascinating meeting with Natasha from The Plastic Ocean Foundation UK, the charity I have chosen to support, who told us about the work they were doing and how we could help.
    Since the release of A Plastic Ocean film, and Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet special on the plastic crisis in the oceans, it has been a huge step forward to see that Macdonald’s will replace plastic straws with paper ones from September. The fast food chain uses 1.8 million straws a day in the UK alone and we hope to see this rolled out worldwide. It is important that our generation understand the urgency of the plastic crisis so that we can make changes to how we live.

    Source: LessPlastic.co.uk

    We also met with Annabelle and Leah at Sentebale, the charity my brother has chosen to raise money for. They were really happy for us to get involved and explained about the work they do in Lesotho and Botswana to help the most vulnerable children get the support they need to lead happy and healthy lives following the HIV epidemic. You will be hearing more on this from Archie in his blog. And through the work of Young Minds, the charity my sister Hermione has chosen to support, we hope to raise awareness on mental health issues such as online pressure and show that it is OK to ask for help.
    At the end of the day we are here to support causes that affect our generation both now and in the future. We are trying to do it in a light hearted but effective way, learn new skills and meet new people. I hope you will buy one of our ChatTees to help spread the message and raise funds for these worthwhile charities.