ChatTee Update 23/07/18

The journey so far…

So it’s now the summer holidays and things are going well and we have had our first lot of samples to check.  We are learning loads and I think the most important thing we have learnt so far is patience.

We had numerous delays getting the samples and it has been a big learning curve to factor in our expectations, manage the disappointment of delays and also build in more time to get things done.

But what else have we learnt…

  1. When taking product shots of white T-shirts on a washing line, there’s nothing you can do about the wind and also thunder flies love white !
  2. Ironing – let’s just say our ironing skills need a bit more practise especially the boys! Also, make sure your iron is clean! We had a couple of mishaps with the steam and managed to squirt limescale all over 2 t-shirts! Top tip: iron over a tea towel!
  3. The boys and I rarely agree on which T-shirts to launch first and which ones to bring out later. There have been some quite heated discussions!
  4. Never point a camera at your father when he’s wearing a ChatTee as their inner Zoolander appears and it makes for some quite interesting photos that aren’t for public viewing!
  5. Pricing – this is a huge learning curve for us as we all love stretching our pocket money as far as possible for new clothes, which often means high street prices due to mass production. We are proud that are T-shirts are both organic and unique and that the production team are all paid above the national living wage, regardless of age and that all packaging used to ship our orders is either 100% recyclable or biodeg­ra­dable, or both. The printers used to print the T-shirts use only water-based inks. They’re Oeko-Tex approved (which means they don’t contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals harmful to the environment). We think you’ll agree that these are all important factors to consider when choosing where you shop and what you buy.

We are hoping to go live very soon and will of course share news of our launch on Instagram!

Until next time…

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